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Settling VS Plotting

Good evening my beautiful readers! For tonight's blog entry; I'm going to touch base on settling in relationships. It appears that a common misconception is that when a person stops complaining, nagging, and's because they've been "beaten into submission" and have made peace with what will not change. In some cases that just may be....but from my experience? That's not the case.... AT ALL!

What I want to stress to all my or or straight.... literally all of my readers; is that the only time you should not worry about your significant other no longer stressing and asking for change? Is when you know in your heart that you have actually made an effort to change and you are trying to meet them halfway! Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than anything! If you are doing that? Then you're all good! You are clearly someone who was determined to do whatever was necessary to ensure your relationship would thrive and that you could live happily every after

For everyone else? You might want to pay vveerryyy close attention to what I am about to say! If you are still doing, saying, and moving the exact same way as before? If everything your partner has complained about is the same and you have made no effort whatsoever to compromise? Before you celebrate and pat yourself on the back because you think your partner "gave up"? Please understand you are truly in a LOSE LOSE situation. Just hear me out! On one hand; they may have stopped complaining because they're mentally and emotionally detaching themselves from you. You may think that's not a big deal at first....but true love and happiness is derived from the little things. The things we often tend to take for granted if we're not careful....things we only miss when it's no longer an option. On the other hand; they are planning to leave. And let's face it.... is that really a shock? Sometimes people become so full of themselves and how much they are loved/adored.....they somehow convince themselves that no matter what they do...they will be forgiven. Please understand that even the most forgiving people....eventually stop forgiving. If you are a mentally stable human being you will accept responsibility in the role you played and do better in your next relationship. But of course if you're a raging narcissist, you'll most likely blame them in some way shape or form. You will completely disregard all the chances you received and all the forgiveness. You will swear they should have allowed you to continue to step on their heart. Please don't be that person lol!

All in all, I just want my readers to understand that we are all human beings. And with an exception of sociopaths (lol) we all have feelings....feelings of love, hate, loyalty, betrayal, etc. Always be mindful of how you treat the people you claim to love. I don't care how pretty or handsome you consider yourself to be. I don't care about your class status or how many followers you have on Instagram. In the end? All that truly matters is how you live your life and how you treat others. It's about who you are on the inside. If a person is telling you something is bothering them or hurting them you have a choice to make. And if you truly want a life/future with that individual? I sincerely hope you make the right one. I can't imagine how it would feel to think that a person gave up and decided to settle for my bullshit....only to find out they were planning to walk out of my life....for GOOD. And that all the love they once gave me.... was being given to someone new.

Love is a beautiful's something that should never be taken for granted. Cherish good people...don't use and abuse them. Everyone has their limits....everyone. Always remember that! Peace!


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