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Halloween Weekend will be LIT!

Good afternoon to all! I'm tappin in right now with one purpose and one purpose oonlllaaayy; to invite you all to the Halloween in New Orleans bash! I want to tell you why you should come, what to expect, and to warn you that if you have somewhere early to be on Halloween day... lol maybe you should duck out a lil early! Today I am not going into too much detail... I just want to make all of my readers aware that Friday October 29th @ 10:00 PM it's going down #BASEMENT For my Nicki Minaj fans you know wassup!

With that being said; make sure you mark your calendars yall because Mimi Le Grand that bih goin ham is hosting theeeee hottest, dopest, littest party in Chicago ( Wrigley to be exact)! Everyone loves to throw events but nobody can throw an event like me! I understand how important the little details are... decorations, giveaways, contests, being greeted at the door, being offered a complimentary photo for the gram - these things are what make an epic event! So when your friends tell you about that WACK basement party up the street, that Halloween party being advertised by their favorite social media influencer, orrrr any event that's NOT "New Orleans in Halloween" as them "are you okay" because clearly they're not and need YOUR guidance! ( snaps fingers ) .

"What can I expect" is a typical and reasonable question that might be running through all of your minds! Well that's why I'm the host because I can not only tell you....but show you ( wink wink )! For the Halloween in New Orleans bash you can expect clear and precise cover charges for the night! $20 before 11 PM and $30 after! That's it. No flip flopping and no price gauging because the location is HOT! So be smart and grab your tickets on Eventbrite when they become available ( October 15th )! From my understanding the first 15 people to rsvp get entry for $10 ( That is a GREAT deal ) ! You can also expect a costume contest to take place at midnight! There will be a celebrity judge guest panel that will assist in picking 3 of the best costumes! There will also be a twerk contest so if you can move it come make some cash lol! And last but CERTAINLY not least, enjoy a full menu with New Orleans inspired dishes, traditional American favorites, and a fully stocked bar!

So in short; Friday October 29th be in Wrigley at the "Halloween in New Orleans" bash or else you are totally missing out! If the atmosphere, the menu, the contests, and the bar aren't enough to bring you in? Just know that if Mimi Le Grand that bih goin ham is in the building there's a guaranteed lit factor! I will be uploading pictures and a recap video here as well so make sure you smile for the camera! I am super excited to party and I can't wait to see everyone's costume! Stay tuned for more updates on this event and be on the lookout for the official flyer and Eventbrite link 10/15/21! Love you guys a lot and until next time; I'm sending positive vibes your way!

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