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Mondays... Boooo LOL!

Grand rising my loves! For my die hard supporters I'm sure you've noticed I've taken a social media break. Much needed to protect my energy! For others; hey it's no worries we all have lives you know! Anyhooooo when it comes to Mondays; I'm conflicted. A part of me is like "It's the beginning of a new week, an opportunity to start anew... it's great!" But then the other side is like

Be that as it may, whether it's school, work, or attending to the children; we have to get up and get going! I've said this before and I'll say it again a bajilliom times; life is about perspective! We have a choice on how we look at life and the impact it has on our mental state! People often assume I'm high because I'm always smiling.... that's only PART of it though...

For the most part with or without Mary Jane; I'm bubbly because life is a gift. Monday, Friday, hump day..... everyday is a gift! You're bummed you have to go to work when millions of people wish they had a job to go to. You're irritated that you have class when countless people wish they were working toward a degree. And for parents ( especially single parents like myself ) you may be overwhelmed doing the same routine day in and out.... but trust me there are people who wish they had little ones in their life to care for! The wish they could experience that unconditional love <3

I'm not here to preach... But I am here to speak love, happiness, peace, and prosperity over my life and the lives of my readers. Don't wake up with dread because it's Monday.... wake up thankful that you get to see another day! When you change your perspective? You change your life! Be inspired! the moment....even on a Monday!

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