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Body Positivity <3

Grand rising my lovely, amazing, positive, and joyful readers! ( and if it dont apply? fix it lol) I know a lot of you figured I fell off the face of the planet; wrong. On the contrary, I had to address some real life s*&% that required my undivided attention! Hopefully through the grace of God my days of dodging bullets and fighting ratchet hoes are behind me! Satan get thee BEHIND ME lbs! No worries I'm currently working on a tell all book that will be available soon! Anyhooooo lol, I just wanted to check in and let my supporters know that I'm still booked, busy, and chasing a dream! I just received a call about an AMAZING opportunity that I absolutely wanted to be a part of!

** Before I spill the tea; I just wanted to simplify the booking process for prospective clients. The absoulte best way to reach me is via mywebsite - - The next option is email - - I understand a lot of people have been reaching out to me for features and bookings via social media! That's problematic because if we are not already connected; your message gets filtered as spam! That a bad look for me and my pockets lol! SO now that that's out; let's dive in!

I am super honored and excited to announce that me and my partner in crime will be hosting a "Body Positivity" party! Slim women, average women, thick bishes, bbws.... ALL ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED! There will be music, photos, networking, & opportunity! Enjoy finger foods, a presentation from Positive Vibes Only, body contouring (via Tera's Contouring) will be available for VIP guests, and we end the seminar with a champagne toast! Not ONLY is this event 420 friendly, but it's also a safe space to be heard and express your opinions on body size and how it pertains to media representation! NO hate and ALL love. This is an opportunity for potential friendships, partnerships, and an overall movement that inspires every woman, everywhere, to love the skin they're in! Bring your business cards and be prepared to network! Whether you have a fupa like me or your stomach is in your ass LOL, this will be a safe space!

So without further ado, I am going to present the official flyer for this event! Save the date, mapquest the location, have your babysitter on deck, your blunts rolled, and some extra cash saved because this is a can't miss event! I get so sick.... and so tired of people seeing the photos and videos AFTER saying they should've come lol. You are absolutely right buuutt- shoulda, woulda, COULDA! We are living in the now hunty! And currently? Women are coming together, aligning their chakras, and ready to love thyself! Wouldn't it be great to meet other likeminded women? I think so too! Lol September 3rd I'll see you ladies there!

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