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Positive Vibes Only

Grand rising! I woke up today feeling magnificent! Despite the fact that my kids hit me in the face with a ball ... I'm still all smiles! I can't tell if it's because I'm hosting theeeee HOTTEST Halloween party of 2021 Saturday October 30th in Wrigley ( flyer and ticket link coming soon ), I'm not sure if it's because Split Personality part 1 is almost complete, or if it's because I am the official brand ambassador for Positive Vibes Only Online! *Que the applause*

If I had to choose between the three; I'm going with reppin Positive Vibes Only! Words cannot express how honored I am to be the official brand ambassador! I'm excited because I get to promote something that has a personal meaning to me. I have been screaming "positive vibes only" since high school... so to get paid and get FREE merch for the exact same concept? Gold!

"What's next" was my very first question after signing my contract! The answer made me extremely happy! In the upcoming weeks I am to find several models, both male and female, for the commercial shoot! From my understanding the compensation is anywhere from $50-100 based on experience and frequency of promo posts! In addition to the commercial, there will be a photoshoot as well! The top rated photos will be selected for the website! I feel like I'm forgetting something...

DUH! Of course I'm forgetting something! The commercial for Positive Vibes Only will be filmed to the song " Positive Vibes" by yours truly; Mimi Le Grand! I was asked to create a custom song to be used for the commercial, as well as online promo campaigns! To say I am grateful and honored would be an understatement! This is one of those accomplishments where you feel enthralled with or without applause!

All in all, the end of 2021 is going to be just as it began; LIT AF! Make sure you continue to tap in and read these blog posts/ updates so that you are always in the know! Whether you just love to read or never want to miss a beat your page visit matters <3 In order to be the ultimate, super amazing, super supportive, extra special fan you must be subscribed to my blog, subscribed to my YouTube Channel, and of COURSE grab at least one Positive Vibes Only item! You can choose from T-shirts, hoodies, face masks, and coffee mugs! And please don't forget about the kids LMAO ! Enjoy

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