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It's Monday... again LOL

Grand rising my beautiful readers! Today is Monday.... I would love to say FUNDAY but that would be a lie. And I don't lie... ok well maybe that was a lie LOL! Anyhoooo let's still make the best of the day and find the positive shall we? (Shameless I know 🤣)

I notice Mondays seem to be the worst for people young and old alike. Children and teens are irritated to get back to school, and adults seem reluctant to go back to work. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I contemplated just calling off work! I would lay in bed and think about the credit cards with availability, I would ponder how much of a loan I would qualify for and how long I could live off of it.... once I even tried to figure out the risk vs reward to rob a bank 🥴 Needless to say I still got my a-s-s up and secured the bag!!

Your perspective is your reality....with that being said after many years of dreading Mondays I had the luxury of meeting someone who changed my thought process entirely. We read about these great acts and moments of inspiration at times … but in reality sometimes the most simplistic situations will give you life changing perspective. I sat with an older woman outside of Starbucks one Monday... she was just as happy as could be! She asked me how my weekend was and I responded "short". She smiled and told me as she headed to her vehicle " don't waste your life waiting on the weekends and dreading the week. Make every day count" and went about her way. I'm not sure if I'll ever see her again...but if you read this I just want you to know you changed my life that day! It was in that moment I realized I was trying to zip by Monday- Friday just to celebrate Saturday and Sunday. But why? Whether you have work or school Monday - Friday if not BOTH; still make every single day count!

My advice to anyone reading this? Is to start living in the now...the moment...the PRESENT. I say this because life is truly just that....a present. A gift. Whether you find happiness in that cup of coffee, an hour of Netflix and chill, or cuddling with your kid... find at least one thing to look forward to every single day. We as humans complicate things often.... When even the smallest gestures can change your spirit 💫 Smile at work. Compliment a student in class. Volunteer to help your elderly neighbor, You would be surprised how even the smallest acts of kindness can bring value to just an ordinary Monday! I challenge every person reading this to stop looking for the weekend... and start looking for a reason to smile every day. Especially on Monday Funday!

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