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Where havvvve yooouuuu BEEN!? *Rihanna voice*

Grand rising my loves!

I have received quite a few emails requesting an update on here. "Where have you been" "Is everything ok"? " Do you have a new MAN"! In short : Focused, yes, and hell NO lol! Let's dive into where I've been and what I have in store for the world! ( Yes the WORLD)

I am proud to announce that this fall/winter I will be rolling out a commercial, Split Personality Part 1 , and a few bonus singles! If you know me you know I'm very big on keeping my moves on the hush hush - you never know who's praying on your downfall mmkay! So let's take a look at what these 3 updates mean in greater detail!

Commercial - I am officially theeee brand ambassador for the Positive Vibes Only clothing line! If you know me then you know it's only right! Make sure you guys take the time out to shop with them an tell them Mimi sent you! We will be filming and rolling out an epic commercial with a personalized song created by Mimi Le Grand

Split Personality Part 1 - I have been trying to release this EP for well over a year!! Between my music being stolen, bitter "label owners" claiming ownership over free beats ( whewww chile the GHETTO), and a lot of other petty drama; I am so happy to announce that I am FINALLY wrapping up the project and I can't wait to share it with the world! I refuse to say a date so just know you'll have it on all major platforms before 2021 is over!

Bonus Singles - It's only right that I keep you posted with a few bonus songs here and there! In addition to Split Personality Part 1 dropping this year; you can expect at least 2 bangers in the meantime in-between time! Be on the lookout for "Let's Link" as well as " Projects" coming soon to all major platforms!

Candy - Anddddd if you haven't yet make sure you cop my new single "Candy" which of course is available on all major platforms as well! I solemnly swear to continue to create heat and drop it no matter how long it takes, how many obstacles and/or setbacks I may face! Music is my passion and whether I make a million or a thousand I will never stop!

Love you long time and if they ask who is your favorite femcee and blogger tell them Mimi Le Grand that bih goin ham yeeeaaa!


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