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Silence is refreshment for the Soul - Wynonna Judd

Grand rising my loves !

I have received an influx of messages as of late! "Where is the new music" "why aren't you on FB" " where have you been" and so on and so forth! Complete and total transparency; I've been living my BEST LIFE! Unfortunately I notice that when I post my moves and goals...things just don't go right! When I move in silence the results are phenomenal! Lil Wayne said that real G's move in silence... as a "goal-digger" … silence is imperative!

What I will say is this; Mimi Le Grand is here to stay! I have so much unreleased and unrecorded music it's insane! But when you have haters trying to steal your music, get your material deleted off YouTube, and backdoor you constantly; it's time to take a step back and cross ALL of your T's and dot ALL of your i's! S/O to my haters yall my motivators LOL!

All in all; I just tapped in to say hello, I love all those that love me, and please do not think my silence is a red flag! In fact.... It's hard not speaking on what I'm working on but I can't WAIT to share my next few projects with the world! Feel free to still press play every day, share my Spotify and website with any and all music lovers, and send love and light my way! Positive vibes only; peace out!


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