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Bardier Mimi

Bardier who? Yessss its official! Just letting everyone know that if they tune into my Facebook page Mimi Le Grand ( don't forget to like and follow my page ) tehehehe; you will find my latest freestyle video "Bardier Mimi" which is a remix to the latest hot track by the amazing & crazy Cardi B & wild ass 21 Savage! If you know me then you know I had to hop on this one and put in a little Chicago flavor! Make sure you tune in, like, share, and comment! Put some mf respect on my name and tune tf in! Here's a snippet

"Bardier Mimi

Hoes wanna be

They cant BEAT ME

That's why they SNEAK me..."

Visit fb and type in Mimi Le Grand for the full freestyle video shot live at the Crown Plaza located in Downtown Chicago

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