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Trials lead to Triumph

Good evening my loves! It's me Mimi Le Grand that chick goin ham checking in to offer words of encouragement and light for anyone experiencing a lot of negativity as of late! First and foremost; I want to remind you that you only feel pressure and resistance when you start to elevate in life. If you feel like this bad energy is coming out of nowhere do not be discouraged. In fact? It's time to apply even more pressure!

For anyone that knows me personally, it is a fact that sometimes life has a tendency of beating my ass. Full blown ass whoopin. Imagine 10 pro football players jumping on a 115 lb nerd fresh off the school bus. THAT is the type of beating life throws my way at times...but I think one of my most commendable traits ( if I do say so myself ) is that I always find the strength to pick myself back up. Sometimes I bounce back right away; other times it's more of a slow crawl.... regardless LOL I live to fight another day! I am a firm believer that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Your perspective is your REALITY. If you continue to think your problems are "mountains" then you will never mentally see a solution. However, if you look at them as "molehills" well... a solution will be much easier to see! We have to make a conscious effort to see the best out of situations! It wasn't a "loss" it was a "learning experience". You weren't denied or rejected that was God ( or the universe or whomever you give the glory) protecting you! Your thoughts are POWERFUL .... so be mindful!

Unfortunately we live in a society that is so hell bent on being miserable, that anyone who speaks constantly about positive energy is considered weird, fake, a hippie, or accused of being on psychedelics Totally not cool but hey; IGNORE them. You have a right to choose happiness and peace of mind above all else. Yes maybe life is hard right now. Yes maybe you have been cheated, lied to, scammed, or overlooked. However; what you've been through does not determine your future. It's how you handle these trials, that determine whether or not you will reach triumph! If you give up there is a 100% chance you will not succeed. The moment you wipe the tears from your eyes and sweat from your forehead and proceed? Well, that changes the probability DRAMATICALLY! As the great actor and philanthropist Will Smith once said " you have to fail and fail and fail again; in order to succeed". The more you really think about it? It makes perfect sense!

In conclusion, I want you all to never lose sight that things get worse; before they get better! Think of an airplane...when it first departs you feel pressure in your body and maybe your ears pop. It intensifies as you gradually go higher and higher and then once you reach the clouds? Smooth sailing! When you are trying to reach heights in your life? You will feel pressure. You will face obstacles. You will experience an influx of emotions. Feel free to cry, scream, or do whatever is necessary to release those negative emotions. Above all else? Never give up! I love you & I hope you all have a magnificent evening and remember; press #play



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