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Happy New Year!

Hello to all of my magnificent subscribers! Typically I would've done this post on New Years Day but let's face it; the majority of my following would've been too hungover and/or tired to read you know? Lol! Anyhoooooo 2021 is off to an interesting start to say the LEAST! We're not going to touch on the chaos that ensued at The Capitol, we're not going to discuss the police officer who was bludgeoned to death by the MAGA cult I mean legion (RIP)... and we're definitely NOT going to talk about all the people dropping like flies from the Covoid 19 "vaccine" ... because if we did? Well then 1) we'd all be bummed and 2) it would support the theory that 2021 is merely 2020.2

Instead my loves; we are going to discuss GOOD news... exciting news...well at least to me lol! Beginning in March; I will be launching not one...not two.... but THREE live shows! I will be kicking off "Tea Tuesdays" where me and special guests will discuss celebrity gossip, address audience submissions, and go over controversial news. In other words; I'm coming with the tea hunty! I will also be launching "Throw Away Thursdays" and "Freestyle Fridays"! It sounds pretty self explanatory but if you know anything about me? Then you know there's always a little twist and turn! The official announcement is airing February 1st but it's only right that my true supporters get first dibs on the scoop! It's also imperative I give you all an opportunity to get ahead of the influx of emails I expect to receive! So my advice? Is shoot me a DM through the site, or directly to my email address for any show inquiries! If you want some advice or have some tea you want to spill? Reach out! Is there a song you want me to review? Send it over! And and if you have a custom beat or an instrumental you want to hear me freestyle to? Same deal! Either way; things are about to get really spicy this year!

All in all, I love my supporters to pieces! I appreciate every single person that reads my blog and I especially appreciate those that share and leave a heart/comment! 2020 no longer exists as we head into a new year! I'm speaking love, life, peace, and abundance over anyone reading this right now! I'm also envisioning you marking your calendars for my new series! Too much? Maybe lol but either way; it's lit like bic! I hope you enjoy the sneak peak of my new promo flyer and I look forward to seeing what's in store! Happy New Years, think positive, and let's all embrace what's next to come... and hopefully it's not a civil war! Good night everybody and don't forget; press play! "Blackout" is now available on all major platforms!

Shoot an email to for any of my upcoming new shows with the appropriate subject!

For Tea Tuesdays ; Tea or Gossip

For Throwaway Thursday : Artist Name - Song title

Freestyle Friday - Song/ Beat name & subject. ( Please only submit these the day of the show so individuals know it's a freestyle and not pre-planned or rehearsed)

Love you and make sure you're following me on like... everything!

IG: @Mimi_le_Grand_Chicago

Twitter: MimiLeGrand91

Facebook Fan Page; Mimi Le Grand

SnapChat: MimiLeGrandBih

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