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Delay is NOT denial

Hello to all of my lovely and magnificent subscribers! It has been at least a YEAR since my last entry. Like many; I was under the impression that 2020 would be "my year" lol. I mean big dreams, event dates in motion, and I even got rid of my highly toxic and hyper-sexual ex! I mean things were looking EPIC. I have my fancy new job downtown, a new wardrobe and the attitude to match. I just knew I was coming for everything this year...and then....


I can't speak for anyone else but this pandemic was the ultimate shock. I mean I have dealt with a lot of changes in life but THIS? Next level. No clubs, casinos, or bars? Schools shut down, jobs closed, and a mandatory quarantine!? I figured " ok; this is the end of the road". The thing about life however; is that your perception is your reality. When you factor in a cancelled summer tour, two cancelled video shoots, and most recently a postponed EP release? I have every reason to be down and discouraged right?


For every reason to give up there are at least two reasons to keep going! My video shoots will be rescheduled. Summer tours will resume. And last but certainly not least? I will be releasing my first EP " Split Personality Part One" on a live stream February 2021! Delay is not denial. I don't say this to brag the least bit! I just want it to be known that even a pandemic can't stop you if your dreams are big enough!

So for anyone reading this right now who may be experiencing depression or anxiety? I want you to stop and take a deep breath. Good, Now one more. (Inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth.) Great. I will leave a few tips/suggestions on what I've been doing to stay positive during a very stressful time.

1) Take life one day at a time. Depression is living in the past and anxiety is worrying about the future. Be present

2) Focus less on what you can't do and focus more on what you CAN do. {think about everything you wanted to accomplish when life was moving too fast )

3) Write down at least one positive affirmation a day in a journal

4) Meditate ( what a difference it makes )

5) Dance. Whenever I feel down I put on my headphones and just dance. It works every single time

All and all my loves I came to say that this pandemic was getting the best of me at first; but I changed my attitude which ultimately changed my perspective. Just because things don't happen exactly when we want them to; doesn't mean it won't happen at all! Delay my friends... is not denial. In order to succeed you must fail over and over again....until you get it right. I needed some time to get my head back in the game. Now I'm back and in my opinion? Better then ever! I have several series rolling out so make sure you stay tuned!

Always remember; press #Play



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