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Blahhhh it's MONDAY

Good morning all!

I understand it's Monday...and for those of us that work or attend school Monday through Friday you understand jjjuussssttt how much of a DRAG Monday can be! HOWEVER, lol, I want to encourage everyone to smile today! In order for you to truly appreciate the weekend; you must be doing something productive throughout the week! Celebrate life, love, and working toward something greater! Get that degree... get that promotion... pay off those bills.... save up for that dream car or dream house! Yes Mondays are a drag but that's only because the weekends are so epic! I believe in me...and I want you to believe in you!

My advice?

Print a photo of significance... A place you wish to visit...your dream house... your dream car.... or whatever it is that your heart desires. Next, print a photo of those you love most- whether its your spouse, children, or favorite actor! & Lastly, I want you to put them up at your desk, workstation, locker, or any place where you can see it during your daily activities. So when you contemplate skipping that day of work... that day of class... when you decide you might just give it all up.... you will have a reminder of not only what you are working toward....but who you want to share it with and who you want to make proud.

Your perception... is your reality! Choose to look at Monday as the beginning of a new filled with peace, love, and productivity! Have a great day loves!

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